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An Album 12 Years in the Making

blogEntryTopperAs it happens with most events, after Ellen and Frank received their wedding photographs, the prints sat in a box for years, waiting to be added to an album. 12 years later, Ellen contacted me to design an album she could surprise Frank with on Valentine's Day. The album had a special addition, she wanted to include custom art Frank created for the response cards that many people refused to send back because they wanted to keep them.

It was such a joy to design an album for Ellen and Frank, hear about their wedding day, and help celebrate their love. Happy Valentine's Day, and I wish you many, many more.

You can view the full album by clicking here or on the images below.

6-718-19

Sara and Lucas Get Married

Throughout the wedding planning process, Lucas told his mother the only thing he really wanted was a slide show. Such a small request, and yet, it says so much about the bride and groom. Here's to keeping things simple, and focusing on what truly matters most during a wedding, the couples love for each other. Sara and Lucas celebrated their love with a slide show featuring photos from their many celebrations, vacations and years together.

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Beth and Michael Get Married

Beth and Michael became husband and wife in an elegant ceremony surrounded by people who love them. As a couple, they have a wonderful combination of grace, good humor and devotion. Their rehearsal dinner slide show highlighted all of these qualities, by beginning with classic engagement photos, and sprinkling in a bit a fun throughout the show.

No celebration of Beth and Michael could be complete without their beloved dog Daisy, so the slide show ended with a recreation of "The Simpsons" couch gag, complete with caricatures of Michael, Beth, and of course Daisy. Lets raise a can of Duff's to toast the happy couple as they begin their life together.



The wedding of Lori and Lee

There is a tradition in Judaism to plant a tree when a child is born - cypress for a girl, cedar for a boy - and use the branches of each to make the chuppah (wedding canopy) upon their marriage. The Rabbis told this story under Lori and Lee's chuppah, and reminded us all about the glory of tradition, the strength of love, and the beauty that comes from blending branches. Mazel tov to Lori and Lee!