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An Album 12 Years in the Making

blogEntryTopperAs it happens with most events, after Ellen and Frank received their wedding photographs, the prints sat in a box for years, waiting to be added to an album. 12 years later, Ellen contacted me to design an album she could surprise Frank with on Valentine's Day. The album had a special addition, she wanted to include custom art Frank created for the response cards that many people refused to send back because they wanted to keep them.

It was such a joy to design an album for Ellen and Frank, hear about their wedding day, and help celebrate their love. Happy Valentine's Day, and I wish you many, many more.

You can view the full album by clicking here or on the images below.

6-718-19

Dear Photograph

blogEntryTopperI have adored Dear Photograph ever since it debuted in 2011. So much, that my very first blog post was about the website. You hold up a photograph from the past in the same place it was originally taken, and take a new photograph mixing the new and the old. Since I am lucky enough to live in the house I grew up in, I am surrounded every day by a mixture of memories, nostalgia and new experiences. I live a Dear Photograph moment almost everyday.


Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan - A Photographic Journey

blogEntryTopper"Have you ever had a perfect day?  The kind where everything goes your way and even better than you had imagined it? And everything feels right with the world, and all your problems seem trivial? Well, that's what this day was for me.  And its one of the reasons I'm so passionate about traveling. To be in a foreign place and have these incredible experiences makes me feel so fortunate and blessed.  I am truly grateful for the opportunities I've had in my life."


p2

Christmas in the Desert

blogEntryTopperIt's the most wonderful time of the year. A ShutterflyTM album filled with magical moments, glittering lights and fireside fun for the whole family! You can view the full album here.


Phoenix_5

#OregonTrail Album Design

So many photos, so little time! If your phone and hard drive are overflowing with photos that you just don't want to deal with, a Shutterbug Stories Tradition Album is your answer. You pick the photos, I layout your story, and Shutterfly (TM) prints the album.

#OregonTrail is the story of one family's journey across America. Driving from DC to Oregon in 82 days, 10 states, and an enormous amount of potty breaks, Michael and Cathy had the summer road trip of a lifetime. blogEntryTopper Read More...