every picture tells a story

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Michele Steinberg
I love images. Portraits, snapshots, photographs, pictures...

No matter what you call them, every image records a moment in time that will never happen again. Every photograph tells a story. What I love most is creating an heirloom so you can share your story with generations to come.

After working in the photography industry, I wanted a more flexible schedule to spend time with my family. When my grandfather was turning 90, I was asked to create something for the occasion. I edited together silent film footage with treasured family photos and records and created my first slide show for the celebration.

As he and the family watched the production, the smiles and laughter filling the room reminded me how much I missed creating and why I love images so much. Many milestone birthday celebrations, Bar Mitzvahs and weddings later, Shutterbug Stories was born.

Look around, dust off your old black and white photo albums, take down the shoebox from your closet, and print out the pictures you have on your computer. There are stories all around you waiting to be told.

Every picture tells a story. I would love to help you tell yours.