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Sending Support and Love

Have you ever had a friend or loved one in need of support, but you didn't have the right words? The songs below all sing the thoughts you have in your heart.

An alternative blog title is: Songs you sing to tell your friend how much you value the light and love she brings into the world.

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Spotify playlist is at the bottom of the blog.

Remind You - Andy Grammar
And when you're questioning your worth in the way that we all do / And your version of amnesia starts to seep on through / And you know that you are great but you can't remember why / I will be there by your side

Broad Shouldered Beasts - Mumford and Sons
But when you feel the world wrapping 'round your neck / Feel my hand 'round yours / And when you feel the world wrapping 'round your neck / Don't succumb / But it's alright / Take it out on me

By Your Side - Sade
When you're lost / You're alone and you can't get back again / I'll find you, darling, and I'll bring you home

Stand by You - Rachel Platten
And love, if your wings are broken / Borrow mine so yours can open too / 'Cause I'm gonna stand by you


An Album 12 Years in the Making

blogEntryTopperAs it happens with most events, after Ellen and Frank received their wedding photographs, the prints sat in a box for years, waiting to be added to an album. 12 years later, Ellen contacted me to design an album she could surprise Frank with on Valentine's Day. The album had a special addition, she wanted to include custom art Frank created for the response cards that many people refused to send back because they wanted to keep them.

It was such a joy to design an album for Ellen and Frank, hear about their wedding day, and help celebrate their love. Happy Valentine's Day, and I wish you many, many more.

You can view the full album by clicking here or on the images below.

6-718-19